Takedown Order Exposes Dr. Mercola Partner, Erin Elizabeth Finn

California Lawyer Reza Sina Commits Fraud and Perjury to Hide Evidence of His Client, Silicon Valley Prostitute, Erin Elizabeth Finn   NEWS RELEASE Release No. EEF No. 3-Hollywood-3 Date Mailed: August 28 2017 For Immediate Release Contact: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org     Dr. Leonard Horowitz Files Police Complaint for Lawyer Fraud, Perjury, and Real Party Concealment of Hollywood Sex Server and Dr. Joseph Mercola Partner, Erin Elizabeth Finn   Hollywood, CA (8-28-17)—Award-winning film producer and veteran medical editor, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, filed criminal charges with Honolulu police on Saturday night for perjury, fraud, and organized crime committed in a copyright infringement case filed by California attorney Reza Sina concerning a photograph of Erin Elizabeth Finn, who purports to being the partner of Dr. Joseph Mercola–the nation’s most successful natural health products salesman. Sina’s filing under strict DMCA guidelines concealed his representation of Finn—the infamous Hollywood “Gang of Five – Pellicano Case” star witness, reputed to be Silicon Valley’s most pricey prostitute. (1)(2)(3)   Charges of perjury, conspiracy, fraudulent concealment, and extortion were filed by Horowitz against Sina of the Sina Law Group after the lawyer falsely swore during the official proceeding that his client was photographer Francis Specker, not Finn. The false … Continue reading Takedown Order Exposes Dr. Mercola Partner, Erin Elizabeth Finn